Out and about at Bihar Colony, Lyari


Bihar Colony, a Katchi neighbourhood in Lyari, is a war zone. Here, houses are sprayed with bullet holes, Some even have 8-inch rocket grenade hole. hajra bibi

Hajra Bibi, 72, thinks the kids have gone mad. She is just back from a refugee camp in Badin. Her house is in tatters.


lyari 013

For Sabira, 9, boarding a bus to a camp in Badin was little short of an adventure. “Badin was so cool. We would play all day under the open sky,” she giggles.


lyari 009

A young boys, who says, “Halaat kharab hain. When they get better I will go back to school.”

lyari 005

A glimpse at the neighbourhood, which comprises of several thin winding lanes.

lyari 017

Police guards the neighbourhood. Yet residents claim they disappear when the gangsters arrive and shoot them down.

lyari 001


A school building riddled with bullet holes

lyari 006

A poster with slain members of the Katchi community displayed in the neighbourhood

lyari 010

A bunch of kids who wanted their picture taken.

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