By the St John’s River


I can sit by the river for hours and watch the dolphins gloat their fins. It’s hard to spot them—they show you a glimpse and then mix into the grey waves that stretch for miles. I watch two dragon flies mate—they chase each other, buzz their wings and hide into the overgrown fuzz by the riverside. That’s St John’s River for you. It flows right through Jacksonville into the Atlantic, and divides the city into two. My hotel is on one side of the river; my newsroom is on the other side. That means I have to either walk or take cab over the bridge to get to work.


The other side of the river is the fun side. It has restaurants, music and ferry rides.

Most Americans don’t know where Pakistan is. One of the nicest people I met in the newsroom thought it was in the Middle East. Another in the administration section had never even heard of Afghanistan where American troops are fighting the War on Terror. “I just go home from work, hit the gym and sleep. I barely watch the news,” to quote her.

Pakistan has lost 50,000 of its countrymen to the War on Terror. My heart goes out to the 3000 civilians who lost their lives on 9/11 but Americans should realize that countries like Pakistan suffer a 9/11 every year. We are fighting your Frankenstein’s Monster and you don’t seem to know.

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