Just another Ramazan rant


ImageYes I fast in Ramazan, for all thirty days. I also pray a bit more than usual. Since I stay hungry my energy hits an all time low by mid-afternoon. So I work shorter hours. You don’t fast, I still don’t see you working twice as hard.

When I am hungry and I see you eating a cheeseburger I don’t feel great about it. I might not report you to the police or send a mob after you, but no I don’t feel great. So stop tweeting that restaurants should be opened.

I enjoy how the world becomes still just before Iftar, and how people line up in neat rows at roadsides waiting to break their fast. It’s peaceful and spiritual both, you wouldn’t understand. A more pressing concern is your booze becomes expensive.

No we don’t shoot people who do not fast. Neither have we killed a youngster for refusing to drop a cigarette during the prescribed time for a fast.

Ramadan or Ramazan? Does it really matter? Get over it.


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